The naked truth! Kourtney Kardashian bares all in KUWTK teaser

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The naked truth! Kourtney Kardashian bares all in KUWTK teaser
The naked truth! Kourtney Kardashian bares all in KUWTK teaser... as Khloe accuses her ex Scott Disick of 'destroying' his family

It was the most stunning of contrasts.

For while Kourtney Kardashian is shown wowing photographers while posing nude, Scott Disick confesses to making the 'worst decision' of his life in the new  Keeping Up With The Kardashians trailer. 

While the self-styled Lord is getting grilled by his disappointed adopted family over his playboy antics, the mother of his children is getting lauded for her fabulous physique.

Baring her soul (and a little bit more): Kourtney moves on from her love split as only a Kardashian can by stripping off in the new KUWTK trailer

She is first shown being approached by a Latin loverboy who compliments her for being 'very beautiful,' before her model half-sister Kendall Jenner chimes in to give her take on her appearance.

The professional clothehorse said: 'I just don't think Kourtney realizes how bomb she is right now.'

And in the Kardashian world, where appearance counts for everything, that is high praise indeed. 

Kourtney's level of self-regard may soon change however, as she is shown stripping off and baring her bronzed buns and bounteous breasts after getting oiled up for a racy nude pictorial.

Hitting rock bottom: Kendall insists her post-split half-sister does not realize how attractive she is

Oiled up: But that will surely change after the only Kardashian sister with a college degree's photo session

'Let's not shoot my vagina': The poses are even too much for Kourtney at one stage of the shoot

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