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Debordo Leekunfa Biography

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Debordo Leekunfa Biography

Patrick Tanguy Séry Digbeu "  Debordo  " Leekunfa , born on5 May 1984in Abidjan in the region Lagunes , is a singer and songwriter-performer Ivorian . Beginning as a DJ in the famous maquis "La Cour des Grands" at the Thousand Maquis in Marcory , Debordo is noticed. He went on to perform in the Rue Princesse (in Yopougon ) in the maquis "Le Shangaï" as Disc Jockey alongside DJ Arafat or Mareshal DJ . It is here that he begins to make a name in the middle of the Ivorian showbizz .

Debordo in duet with DJ Arafat releases a new opus accompanied by a new dance called the Kpangor. The concept and the ensuing singles became successful on the African continent, from Gabon to Burkina Faso and Cameroon . Tubes are born in a short period of time: "Kpangor", "Kpangor Confirmation", "Lebede 2", "25 Peanut", "Buddha". These tubes emerged very quickly and come top of the West African rankings. In the meantime, the freestyles are so successful that after their releases, every ten minutes on average, a musical medium or a maquis broadcast them, it is "Spot 2009" (August 2009), " The special Stéphane Sessègnon andMarie-Claude Sessegnon  "( summer 2009 in duet with DJ Arafat)," Forbidden to under 30 years "( September 2009).

Already touched by international success with songs American soldier as Kpangor with DJ Arafat , It explodes with Bebi Philip , and Celebration , it confirms its popularity with his single Aperitif yamoukidi release November 7th 2014 and reaching more than five million Views.

In 2016, he suffered a serious accident in the company of some of his staff, his manager and his two dancers who will find death thereafter

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